Grants for students

If you have a lower income, the costs for dance or theater lessons for you of your child(ren) can be a problem. Then you can apply for a contribution up to a maximum of € 450 for culture from the Youth Fund for Sport and Culture. The fund pays the contribution directly to the school.

The Leiden Sport and Culture Youth Fund is intended for children and young people between the ages of 4 and 18 who, for financial reasons, cannot join a drama club or take lessons at a music school or other institution for active artistic practice.

The Leiden Sport and Culture Youth Fund  focuses on professionals who work with this group of children from youth care and education. They take care of the applications and the income test. The money goes directly to the institutions or persons that provide art education.
The Youth Sports and Culture Fund works in accordance with the Youth Sports Fund’s method.

With the contribution from the Youth Fund Sport and Culture, for example, tuition or instruments can be paid. The money is always requested by an intermediary who works in the child’s environment, for example a teacher at school or someone from the Youth Care Agency. A system has been chosen in which the cultural institution, association or shop sends the invoice directly to the Youth Culture Fund.

It is precisely this approach that makes the Youth Fund Sport and Culture Leiden accessible, so that parents or carers do not have to fill in complicated application forms or keep receipts.

For more information, you can find the website of the Youth Fund Sport and Culture here:

Request money

1. The intermediary
An appeal to the Youth Fund for Sport and Culture can only be made by an intermediary. A person who is professionally involved in the education, guidance or training of the young person. This can be, for example: the teacher, the school (doctor), the (youth) social worker, the social worker of a welfare institution or health organization.

2. The application
The intermediary makes an application through the application system of the Youth Fund Sport and Culture. The information of the intermediary is entered first. Then the data related to the application. The consultant in your region will receive the application.

3. The Consultant
The consultant of the Youth Fund Sport and Culture Leiden assesses the data of the intermediary and the application itself. The intermediary will be notified about this. If the application is approved by the consultant, the Youth Fund for Sport and Culture will pay the cultural institution.