1. Always bring your membership card and have it scanned at the counter. If desired, you will be provided with a safe.

This may be deviated from due to COVID-19.

2. Come to your class on time! Arriving late is disruptive to the other students and, given the structure of the lesson, is not good for the body. No one will be allowed in after class starts.

3. Please report physical complaints before class.
4. Shoes that have been worn outside may not be used in the studio’s. 5. A towel is mandatory when using a mat.

6. Use of the bicycle shed is compulsory for cyclists and mopeds. Place the bicycles in the racks and not against the side wall. Bicycles against the facades are removed by the police! It is prohibited to place bicycles in front of the emergency exit in the bicycle shed.

7. Try to limit the noise pollution outside as much as possible, so: ssssh… on arrival and departure! 8. Eating and drinking is only allowed in the canteen.
9. Keep the school clean: put the waste in the appropriate waste bins.
10. Third parties are prohibited from making visual material within the school.

11. Safety comes first! Never block doors and entrances.

12. The owner and on-duty attendees are not liable for loss and/or damage to a member’s property, nor are they personally liable for injuries or personal injury and consequential damage.