Information Pre-Professional

The Leidse Ballet & Theaterschool offers a unique pre-professional program. Students attend a selection of high standard classes to be well prepared for possible ballet, dance, theatre or musical auditions at one of the Dutch Dance Academies, such as the ‘Amsterdam Theater School’, the Royal Ballet Conservatory in The Hague or Lucia Marthas Dance Academy, where an average of ten of our students are accepted each year.

The pre-professional program is divided by age:
Group VO 1 = 6-9 years old
Group VO 2 = 9-11 years old
Group VO 3 = 10 to 13-years old
Group VO 4 = 13 years and up
Group VO 5 = 14 years and up

The curriculum contains classes in classical ballet, modern dance, jazz & musical dance, street dance, hip hop, clip & show dance, stamina and stretching training, drama and vocals. Additionally various modules are offered such as tap dance acrobatics, break dance, improvisation, nutrition, physiology and anatomy.

The students train several days per week, also on Saturday.
VO1, VO2 and VO3 train on Wednesday and Saturday.
VO4 and VO5 train on Friday and Saturday.

To join the pre-professional program you need to audition first. You can sign up for an audition via

The students perform at several occasions and finish the season with a final presentation. To enter the program students need a positive recommendation from their teachers and/or to make an appointment to audition.

For more information please send an email to For more detailed information please contact Carol Schrijnemaekers, artistic and executive director or Loes Overdijk, training coördinator.