Hi, I’m Yuri.

I started breakdancing when I was 11.

First of all I was mainly focused on power moves, but after a few years, mainly by seeing and doing battles, my interest was increasingly aroused for other dance forms such as Hiphop, House, Popping Locking and Krumping.

At the age of 16 I also discovered Modern, Jazz, Experimental, Floorwork and Salsa.

At that time, teaching already started with showing and making pieces for demo teams.
At the age of 18 I started at Fontys University of the Arts (modern/dance theater performing).
After my education at Fontys I started touring as a dancer (including in China).

After that period I continued to teach.

What I enjoy most about teaching is to inspire and motivate students in the same way my teachers have done for me.
My favorite students are dancers who also look for the right training for them because that is ultimately what really makes someone better.