Marieke van der Naald

Hi, I’m Marieke and I teach (Limón based) modern dance. I started dancing when I was 5 and have never stopped. In 2008 I completed my education in modern dance/dance expression at the Fontys Dance Academy, after which I immediately flew to New York and could dance at the “Limón fall intensive studies” through a scholarship.

I have been fully working as a dance teacher for over 15 years and have taught all different age groups: from toddlers to 55+. Sometimes more theatrically oriented, sometimes more technically substantiated.

My strengths are to let people enjoy movement, to get into a flow and to move softly, loosely and continuously. In my lessons there is a lot of attention for breathing in connection with movement, as well as consciously learning to let go and regain form.

In addition to my dance education, I also followed a 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2019. So that I can reach more people with movement.

At Marieke   in yoga class we work from the Vinyasa principle. You actually dance quietly on your mat, from one pose to another. Breathing goes hand in hand with movement, making your flow feel very natural and organic. We work on both physical and mental/emotional areas to make you stronger, more flexible, more mobile and more open. We also use limón-based modern dance principles, the yoga lessons and the modern dance lessons of Marieke  actually go hand in hand and deepen and reinforce each other. Feel free to come and participate!

At the Leiden Ballet & Theater School I teach modern and yoga on Tuesday evenings.