Esther El Bouzrute

Hello everyone! I am Esther! In 2010 I graduated as a theater maker and comedian at the Amsterdam Theater Academy. During my studies I started teaching as a part-time job. But when I was in the semi-finals of the Wim Sonneveld Prize with my graduation performance, I noticed that my side job that had gotten out of hand by now had a lot more hold on me than the performances. That is why I exchanged the stage for the classroom where I have been spending my days full of enthusiasm ever since.

During my training I was taught the Complete Vocal Technique. After graduating, I followed a number of workshops and a teacher trajectory. Looking for more technical tools, I came into contact with the Estill Voice Training System. In 2012 I completed level 1 & 2 of this method and have now started the process to become a Certified Master Teacher.

I am co-owner of Theater School Het Nest and was involved in the Musical Billy Elliot. I teach singing, drama and musical.