Elianne Beukers

Hi I’m Elianne.

I graduated from ‘Lucia Marthas The Institute for Performing Arts’ in 2013. Here I obtained my bachelor’s degree for both a performing dancer and a dance teacher.

During and after my training I gained a lot of stage experience as a performing dancer with, among others: Symphonica in Rosso – Nick&Simon, Nike event – ​​Eva Simons, Golden Oldies Carré and more.

After that I mainly focused on teaching.

I have worked as a teacher for, among others, ‘Lucia Marthas The Institute for Performing Arts’ (Amsterdam & Rotterdam, preparatory training) and now I have the dance school ‘Danslab Noord’ in Amsterdam with my business partner Mats van der Mark (also working at the LBTS).

I teach tap, musical, song & dance, urban and modern. Especially children’s lessons are a passion of mine and with a lot of dedication and energy I always try to enthuse the younger generation for dancing.

“Getting better at dancing takes a lot of focus and perseverance.

In many schools, because of this, ‘the fun aspect’ of a dance class is often forgotten. My goal is to work on improving technique, musicality and coordination in every lesson, but this has to be accompanied by a high dose of fun.’

In Leiden I will give various lessons on Wednesdays.

Hope to see you in my class!