Denise Heyser

Denise Heyser is a professional dancer, specialized in ballet. She started performing when she was 4 years old and taking ballet lessons when she was 5 years old. She graduated the National Ballet School of Mexico INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts). Although she has mastered the classical ballet technique (Vaganova), she was always attracted to new dance styles such as Jazz Dance, Tap, Hip-hop, taking lessons with renowned Masters from New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Canada, among others.
She was the first student to represent her school in a National Ballet Competition, winning third and fourth place in a row.
Her love of the arts led her to study music and teach her voice under the method of SLS (Speech Level Singing) which allowed her to expand her career in musical theater, working in musicals and international cruises.
Her last work was for the Special Ballet Program for the UNAM Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and for Ice World Santa Fé. She has worked as a Choreographer, Ballet, Artistic Expression and Stretch Teacher and achieved improvements in her students’ qualifications in national and international competitions.

She believes there is one sentence that describes her perfectly:
“The beauty that interests me is not that which is genetically inherited, but that which is constructed, that which is the product of the will, the intelligence and the talent”
Denise Heyser.