Asuka Watanabe

Asuka Watanabe is from Japan and lives in the Netherlands.

She studied at the Joffrey Ballet School and Steps on Broadway in the US, and then graduated from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, Netherlands. She danced for various projects and currently works as a dance teacher at, among others, the Amsterdam School of the Arts and dance company De Stilte in the Netherlands. She also works as a holistic masseur, after graduating from the Holos Academy in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 2018.

She helps you to achieve your own goal; for your own health, peace, creativity, body control, musicality and to develop your skills quickly. And the most important thing to enjoy being yourself.

What is the Asuka Method?
“I danced and lived in different countries myself since I was young. I have danced different dance styles and met people from different backgrounds. While learning other dance styles from inspiring colleagues, I discovered the key to getting to know myself and training myself to master each style quickly. I use and connect the elements of other styles, such as technique and musicality, and created my own methodology that focuses on awareness and creativity.

Because dancers’ awareness raises fundamental human body movements and connects movements between different dance styles, it helps dancers who want to improve their expertise in their dance style, as well as dancers who want to broaden the dance genre they want to dance.”