Covid-19 update

Corona Measures

For everyone

  • only members or people with a reservation (for a trial lesson or individual lesson) have access to the school.
  • arrive on time and leave the building immediately after class. Not pleasant, but unfortunately still necessary.
  • upon arrival, everyone aged 13 and older wears a face mask.
  • wash/disinfect your hands as much as possible.
  • changing rooms may be used, but please change at home as much as possible. Otherwise it will be too crowded in the changing rooms.

For parents

  • unfortunately you can’t come inside (anymore) … not even for a moment or … there must be a real need for it.
  • dress your child completely at home and make sure that your child wears shoes and a jacket that we can easily put on and take off.
  • bring and pick up your child on time. We have to continue with other lessons.
  • do not wait for your child at the door, just come back after 45 minutes or an hour to pick up your child.
  • keep it quiet in the street; unnecessary nuisance to the neighborhood only causes problems.
  • also keep your distance on the street, the fewer infections, the better.

For all members / reservations of 18 years and older

  • keep 1,5 meters away from everyone in the corridors and changing rooms.
  • in class your QR code will be scanned by the teacher and then you can take off your face mask.
  • during class we are careful for now and keep as much distance as possible, but the 1,5 meters away cannot / does not always have to be maintained.

Even though we may not get very sick of the Omicron variant, it is very important to follow these rules!
If members of our team are infected, they must also be quarantined and a class may be canceled at the very last minute. We try to anticipate this, of course, but we don’t have full control over it. This can also happen at the last minute. If a class cannot take place unexpectedly, we always try to find a replacement first, but if this does not work, we will try:

  • to inform you about this in good time. So always check your email before you visit us!
  • compensate you with a make up class. Unfortunately we cannot refund money.

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