The future of LBTS

Dear reader,


With around 25 teachers and other employees, some of whom started as a student at the Leidse Ballet School, we continue to allow the school to grow and flourish.

About 800 students visit the current Leidse Ballet & Theater School every week. We are all very proud of that!


Inextricably linked to having your own business are of course the many hours of work per week.

Over the past 40 years I have done this with a lot of dedication, love and passion.

However, together with my qualities of perfectionism and wanting to have control over everything, this leads to almost ‘just work’, especially now that the school is so big.

The above-mentioned properties often make it difficult to hand over control.

Yet these same qualities have recently led to the realization that if I want to remain in control, I should not wait too long to take steps by looking at follow-up.


That is why, after much deliberation, I have decided to pass on the baton.

40 years is quite a nice period and now I am still able to arrange everything properly myself.


The school has been my great love and I have almost always put it first.

Very soon I want to put myself in that first place and have time to enjoy other beautiful things.


Two of my current teachers, who already have experience running their school in Amsterdam, expressed their interest in taking over the LBTS.

They already know the LBTS and the entire team and are looking forward to doing the honors.

I hereby inform you that Elianne Beukers and Mats van de Mark will be running the LBTS as of August 1, 2024. They will then become the new owners.

I have every confidence in this and wish them the best of luck!


I would like to thank all (former) students, teachers, employees and others for all the trust shown in recent years.

I take you, with all the memories, with me in my heart ­čĄŹ


Love, Carol

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