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Dear (parents of) members,

This year I am running the Leidse Ballet & Theater School for the 40th year. An anniversary year! That means many performances for the entire school.

Our school has 800 members so this is going to be a large project. Unfortunately the ‘Leidse Schouwburg’ is too small and the ‘Stadsgehoorzaal’ in Leiden has, because it is a music theater, few technical options.
That’s why we have decided to go to Theater Castellum in Alphen aan den Rijn. This is a large theater with many possibilities. We have been there many times before.

All classes, except the toddler classes (2+ and 3+), can participate.

It is impossible for all students to participate in one performance. It would be a very long sitting for the audience and for the little ones it would take far too long behind the scenes.
So we are going to divide the students over different days/times/shows.

In any case, everything will take place during the weekend of June 8 and 9, 2024. Please keep this weekend free!

All students (except the VO) will perform only 1 day (1 or more shows). The youngest children will only perform in 1 show on 1 day (morning or afternoon).
For children under the age of 7: you can bring your child one hour before the show to the artist entrance and come back later to watch the show yourself. After the show you can take your child home.
The children aged 7 and up will probably perform in multiple shows on 1 day.

Based upon the amount of entries that we receive, we’ll make a division of the groups. You will receive more information about this later.

It’s very important to register ASAP so we can make the final schedule:
register show

Please also let us know if you are not going to participate. In this case you have to email to

Please don’t email with questions. When we have more information (about dates and times) we will let you know immediately.
We will now focus on making beautiful performances for you!

Kind regards, Carol & Team