Information performance

Update 10-04-2024:

We have noticed that there is still some confusion about which group performs in which show. That’s why we list for each show the groups that are performing.

Saturday 8 June
(ALL PERFORMANCES, the whole day!):


17:00-18:00  commercial 11+  Mats
18:00-19:00  commercial 13+  Mats
19:00-20:00  female commercial 15+  Mats
16:00-17:00  musical 9+  Esther
17:00-18:00  musical 12+  Esther
18:00-19:00  tap kids/teens ①②  Esther
19:00-20:00  tap kids/teens ②③  Esther

19:00-20:00  modern tieners/volw. ②③  Marieke
20:00-21:00  modern volw. ①②  Marieke
17:00-18:00  ballet 14+ ②③  Daphne
18:00-19:00  spitzen  Daphne
19:15-20:15  ballet volw. ①②  Daphne
20:15-21:15  ballet volw. ②  Daphne

17:45-18:45  ballet 14+ ①②  Daphne
20:15-21:30  ballet volw. ③  Daphne
13:30-14:30  song & dance 7+  Elianne
14:30-15:30  hiphop/street 7+ ①  Elianne
15:30-16:30  hiphop/street 9+ ①  Elianne
19:30-20:30  urban 16+./volw.  Elianne
14:30-15:30  ballet 9+  Irina
15:30-16:30  ballet 7+  Irina
16:45-17:45  ballet 12+  Irina
19:00-20:00  broadway jazz 14+ Ken

17:00-18:00  hiphop/street 8+ ②  Elianne
18:00-19:00  hiphop/street 10+ ②  Elianne
19:00-20:00  song & dance 11+  Elianne
20:00-21:00  contemporary 16+/volw.①②  Elianne
17:00-18:00  boys class urban  Victor
18:00-19:00  hiphop commercial 14+/volw. ②  Victor
16:00-17:00  contemporary 8+  Nadine
17:00-18:00  contemporary 10+  Nadine
18:00-19:00  contemporary 14+ ①②  Nadine

09:45-10:45  act & sing 7+  Esther
10:45-11:45  song & dance 9+  Mats & Esther
10:45-11:45  song & dance 7+  Mats & Esther

Sunday 9 June
(pre-schoolers 1 performance, pre-professional the whole day! ):

show 1 (12:00)

dansmix 4+ of Fleur, Saturday 09:00-09:45
dansmix 5+ of Daphne, Saturday 10:30-11-15                            
dansmix 4+ of Esther, Wednesday 13:30-14:15
hiphop/street 6+ of Louisa, Saturday 11:15-12:00

show 2 (14:30)

dansmix 4+ of Fleur, Saturday 09:45-10:30
dansmix 5+ of Louisa, Saturday 09:45-10:30
dansmix 6+ of Esther, Wednesday 15:00-15:45
dansmix 5/6 jr. of Louisa, Saturday 09:00-09:45

show 3 (17:00)

dansmix 4+ of Louisa, Saturday 10:30-11:15
dansmix 5+ of Esther, Wednesday 14:15-15:00
dansmix 7+ of Mats, Saturday 09:30-10:30
ballet 6+ of Daphne, Saturday 11:15-12:00


Update 04-04-2024:

It’s almost time. Another 2 months and we will perform with 600 students, adults and kids, for a long weekend in Theater Castellum in Alphen aan den Rijn.


Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June.
There will be 2 different performances over these two days, both called de LBTShow.

  •  On Saturday, June 8, approximately 400 recreational participants aged from 7 years and up (excluding the dance mix 7+ of Mats on Saturdays) will perform for you.
    In a very abbreviated version, they take you through the ins and outs of the LBTS from 1984 up untill now.
  • On Sunday, June 9, our pre-professional classes will perform for you, together with approximately 225 toddlers who are divided into 3 performances.
    We use the letters of our LBTS logo as a theme to show you different facets of dance, song and theater.


  • Saturday June 8: 2:30 PM & 5:00 PM*
    *if there is sufficient interest, an extra performance starts at 12:00
    All recreational participants aged 7 and up (except for Mat’s dance mix 7+ on Saturday) participate in all performances that Saturday.
  • Sunday June 9: 12:00, 2:30 PM & 5:00 PM
    The pre-educational classes do all performances and the children are divided into 3 shows.*


Ticket sales for this will start next Monday, April 8 at 7:00 PM.
Everyone is welcome and may purchase unlimited tickets.
The day of the performance, ticket sales are not possible at the box office, but they can still be purchased online.

*PLEASE NOTE!: All parents of the children up to 7 years old received an email earlier this evening with the time of the performance in which their child will participate. Read this email first so that you do not buy the wrong tickets for the wrong performance.
Tickets are non-refundable!

The tickets cost €21 and everyone who participates will receive later a link to download the performance recorded by a professional company. The photos are also digitally accessible for free. If you want prints, you can order them from our photographer.


Update 03-04-2024:

June 8, 2024:

It is now known that all members aged 7 and up (except Mats’ dance mix 7+ from Saturday 9:30 AM) will participate on Saturday, June 8, 2024.

June 9, 2024:

All Wednesday’s and Saturday’s dance mix classes (from 4 to 7 years old) from Daphne, Louisa, Fleur and Esther (note: also dance mix 7+ from Mats on Saturday) participate in the (pre-professional) show on Sunday, June 9, 2024.

For June 8:

There are going to be 2 shows (2:30 PM & 5:00 PM) and 1 general rehearsal (12:00 AM) or 3 shows (12:00 AM, 2:30 PM & 5:00 PM).

Whether there are going to be 3 shows depends on the ticket sale that will start in April. If it turns out that a 3rd show is necessary, the general rehearsal will be replaced by an extra show. We will decide that later.

Of course we want everyone to be able to come and watch. The times for the students remain the same in both cases. If there are going to be 3 shows, the general rehearsal will take place on Sunday afternoon, June 2, in a sports hall in Leiden. So keep that date/afternoon free.

In the morning of the first show or general rehearsal, students must be present at the artist entrance of the theater 1.5 to 2 hours in advance (probably 9:15 AM).

The students are ready to leave or be picked up in the downstairs foyer of Theater Castellum half an hour after the last show (about 7:00 PM). So all students participate the whole day!

Exact times and other important matters will follow later (these are indicative times).

For June 9:

There are 3 shows (12:00 AM, 2:30 PM & 5:00 PM).

There is no general* for the 12 dance mix classes. This is too tiring for the children. Of course we will take time to shown them around the stage in the theater.

4 of the dance mix classes participate in each show, so your child needs only to participate in 1 show.

You of course, visit the show in which your child is performing.

Which show your child will participate in, will follow in a separate email as soon as possible.

*There will be a general rehearsal for the VO. This information will follow separately.

We will ask you to hand over your child at the artist entrance of the theater about an hour in advance (exact times will follow). Their teacher will be there, just like at the dance school. You can have a drink in the city and then come back to the theater to see the show. After your child’s show, your child will be delivered to you in the downstairs foyer of Theater Castellum.

For June 8 and 9:

A week before the tickets go on sale, everyone will receive an email so that everyone can get their tickets in time.

The tickets will cost €20 and will only be available via Theater Castellum.


Update 09-11-2023:

Dear (parents of) members,

This year I am running the Leidse Ballet & Theater School for the 40th year. An anniversary year! That means many performances for the entire school.

Our school has 800 members so this is going to be a large project. Unfortunately the ‘Leidse Schouwburg’ is too small and the ‘Stadsgehoorzaal’ in Leiden has, because it is a music theater, few technical options.
That’s why we have decided to go to Theater Castellum in Alphen aan den Rijn. This is a large theater with many possibilities. We have been there many times before.

All classes, except the toddler classes (2+ and 3+), can participate.

It is impossible for all students to participate in one performance. It would be a very long sitting for the audience and for the little ones it would take far too long behind the scenes.
So we are going to divide the students over different days/times/shows.

In any case, everything will take place during the weekend of June 8 and 9, 2024. Please keep this weekend free!

All students (except the VO) will perform only 1 day (1 or more shows). The youngest children will only perform in 1 show on 1 day (morning or afternoon).
For children under the age of 7: you can bring your child one hour before the show to the artist entrance and come back later to watch the show yourself. After the show you can take your child home.
The children aged 7 and up will probably perform in multiple shows on 1 day.

Based upon the amount of entries that we receive, we’ll make a division of the groups. You will receive more information about this later.

It’s very important to register ASAP so we can make the final schedule:
register show

Please also let us know if you are not going to participate. In this case you have to email to

Please don’t email with questions. When we have more information (about dates and times) we will let you know immediately.
We will now focus on making beautiful performances for you!

Kind regards, Carol & Team