Gino Jagessar

Hi, I’m Gino Jagessar (25) born and raised in Amsterdam. I am a professional all-round dancer, choreographer and teacher/instructor who is specialized in Housedance, Hiphop, Modern dance & Locking. In 2013 I graduated from the Art & Entertainment College in Amsterdam. During and through my education I toured China with the Amsterdam Urban Dance Show (2011). I did an internship at Rick Odums Institute de Jazz in Paris (2012). I was also part of the Funky Presidentz known from Everybody Dance Now season 1 where we reached the semi-finals (2013). After that I danced for Isabelle Beernaert in Red Yellow Blue (2013/2014).

Nowadays I dance with Brotherhood Dance Collective and with dance company Samadhi Dance Company and I am active in the national and international underground battle scene.