Terms of payment

Your first payment includes a 22,50 € fee for registration, one month’s deposit fee and the first monthly fee. Please pay the monthly fee before the 8th of the month.
After your first payment you can only pay via bank transfer (IBAN NL51INGB0009114968) to the Leidse Ballet & Theaterschool, specifying your name and membership number. Payments are not refundable and we do not send invoices.

If you don’t pay your monthly fee in time  (before the 8th of each new month), a free-of-charge reminder will be sent to you by mail.  After that, an administration fee of 5€ will be charged to your bill each time the school sends a reminder. If after two reminders you still haven’t payed, you will receive a notice of default. After the notice you have five days to complete the payment (including the administration fees). When the payment has not been made, the outstanding amount is transferred to a direct debit.

The season runs from September until June. During the school holidays you must pay your normal monthly even though there are no classes. During summer vacation (July and August) the normal schedule doesn’t apply and monthly fees will be suspended until the normal schedule resumes in September. Please be sure to resign in written form before the 8th of June if you do not wish to continue after the summer! The schedule might change in the new season.