You can now subscribe by filling out the form below. Upon receipt you will receive a confirmation from us with the necessary information.

Children under 18 must be enrolled by their parents/guardians.

Registration form

  • Your first payment includes a 22,50 € fee for registration, one month's deposit fee and the first monthly fee. The deposit fee must be equal to the contribution at all times. You will receive a membership card that must be shown at the reception desk each time you enter the school. Please pay the monthly fee before the 8th of the month. You can make payments via bank transfer (IBAN NL51INGB0009114968). If you don't pay your monthly fee in time, a reminder will be sent to you by mail. An administration fee of 5€ will be charged to your bill each time the school sends a reminder. You are responsible for completing your payments on time. Canceling class is only possible before 4 p.m. (you may leave a message on our answering machine). If you have cancelled in time, you will be permitted to make up for class by mutual arrangement. Class Termination: Please send a written request by email or mail informing of your wish to end your class(s). If you end your enrollment prior to the 8th of the month you wish to end enrollment your termination deposit fee can be accepted for the same month. In the case of termination after the 8th, your deposit will be cleared the following month. Please note the school does not return tuition or deposit fees. The season runs from September until June. During the shorter school holidays you must pay your normal monthly fee. During summer vacation (July and August) the normal schedule doesn’t apply and monthly fees will be suspended until the normal schedule resumes in September. Please be sure to resign in written form before the 8th of June if you do not wish to continue after the summer! The schedule might change in the new season. Please check out the website in August to find out your (new) schedule. It is not permitted to photograph or film the classes. This is only permitted during the open classes twice a year. The school can take footage of the classes. We can use this footage. If we use it, we will use this in a respectful way. By signing this form, you agree to this. If you do not agree, you have to let us know in writing. The Leidse Ballet & Theaterschool is not responsible for any injuries or loss of property. COVID-19: If the government decides that we have to close temporarily, we will continue online under the same conditions. Of course you can always cancel your subscription according to the always mandatory rules.

Payment at registration

Payment at registration consists of the registration fee, the fee for the first month and the contribution for an additional month which will count as the ‘termination month’. The notice period is the last month of your subscription.Your first payment consists your fees for registration plus your monthly fee for the first month and a month’s deposit fee.