House Rules

  1. Always bring your membership card. Without a card, we can’t give you a locker.
  2. You have to be in school 10 minutes before class. We want to start on time. Being late will interrupt the class and is not good for the body, because you need a proper warming-up.
  3. After class starts no one is allowed inside.
  4. Please inform the teacher about injuries before class.
  5. Shoes that you’ve worn outside are not allowed inside the studio.
  6. A towel is mandatory if you use a yoga-mat.
  7. For bikers or scooters the bicycle storage is obligated. Park your bicycle in a stand and don’t put it against the wall.
  8. Try to minimize any disturbance, so: sssh… when entering and leaving the building.
  9. The timetable can be changed at all time.
  10. Keep the school clean: put your garbage in the bins.
  11. The owner and staff are not responsible for losing and/or damaging of any of your stuff, nor are they responisble for any injuries or pshysical damage.