Toddler Dance (4-5 years)

Dance Development Preschool is offered to children three-years-old to six-years-old. These classes focus on developing the young child’s gross motor skills and creativity in a playful and informal way while focusing on different rhythms and listening to a variety of music styles. The basic techniques for classical ballet, jazz and modern dance are integrated into the class instruction.

Dress code
Pink leotard and ballet shoes. No jewellery or separate skirts. Please wear hair off the face in a bun or a ponytail.

WEDNESDAY13.30-14.15 4 yearsESTHER
WEDNESDAY14.00-14.45 4-5 yearsJAY
WEDNESDAY14.15-15.00 5 yearsESTHER
5-6 yearsJAY
SATURDAY9.00-9.45 4 yearsESTHER
SATURDAY9:10-09:555 yearsEVALINDE
SATURDAY09:15-10:003-4 yearsJAY
SATURDAY9.45-10:305 yearsESTHER
SATURDAY09:55-10:404 yearsEVALINDE
SATURDAY10:00-10:455 yearsJAY